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Single Phase Electrical Repair

You rely on electricity to power so many of the appliances and devices that we use to keep life going on as normal. When any electrical systems break down, you need them repaired – fast! That’s why, as the local experts to know for home services, you can also rely on us for all your home electricity emergency repairs and services. Call Now 0568623775


Three Phase Electrical Repair

Troubleshooting your electrical problem quickly is our goal. Our Electricians are equipped with in-wall and underground wire tracers that help in tracing circuits to identify faults to repair them.

Lighting repairs and installation include troubleshooting with ballast and lamp change out. Our electrician will offer suggestions on how to best repair or install new lighting. Call Now 0568623775

Three Phase Electrical Panel Repair Service


Commercial & Industrial Electrical Repair

Commercial power is typically delivered by the power company in single or three phase power at either 120-240v or 277-480v. Brandon Electric has experience dealing with either type of power supply. The different types of power supply available to you is determined by your power company in your area. Certain equipment is only compatible with certain types of power and some equipment is designed for a wide range of power.

Replacing 3 phase Disconnects, Transformers and Motors correctly is important so there is not a phase rotation problem. This happens when the wires are installed improperly which can damage equipment and cause motors to run backwards. Our electricians are highly skilled in this type of installation and repairs.  Call Now 0568623775